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Sinagogue Maribor


How do you represent a Center for jewish cultural heritage without the simbols, burdened with bitter connotations and memmories of history? We approached it in a logotype, using the latin and the hebrew script, one being written left-to-right, the other right-to-left. We chose carefully the typefaces used, so that the scripts would act contemporary and complement eachother in form, proportions, spacing and weight. Having been sliced in an alternating method, an optical fusion of the scripts took place; the fusion of culture and the city. As we applied the sollution to the printed matter, we expanded this apporach: one side for latin script, with latin part emphasised in the logotype, and vice-versa. The communication between the two cultures is not only possibble, but encouraged and educating.

In collaboration with Aljaž Vindiš.