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Seed Media Group

Stefan Sagmeister studio, NYC

Seed Media group is a scientific publisher of magazines, books and films. As we worked on the identity it became clear that the end result should constitute a visualization of science and media. Science is culture, it surrounds us, it is part of everything we do. We were looking for something open ended and flexible, a vessel we could fill with new meanings as they developed. Formally the identity is based on phyllotaxis, a form found everywhere from Seashells to Greek architecture, from pineapples to the Sydney opera house, horns of Gazelles to the optimum curve a highway turns. Looking at the world through this scientific lens of the phyllotaxis, we developed an identity like a chameleon, it always takes on the form of the medium it is put on. In Sagmeister studio Matej collaborates with Stefan and Matthias Engelsberger on this project.