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Niko Kralj Exhibition

Museum of Architecture and Design

An exhibition presenting the work of the world-renowned Slovenian industrial designer Niko Kralj, focusing on his work and the role he played in the history of Slovenian design. “Niko Kralj: The Unknown Famous Designer” showcased Kralj’s archives, sketches, photographs, prototypes and more. Considered the founder of the Slovenian industrial design, he is also among the most important 20th century industrial designers in the world, Rex having been included in the collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art (MOMA).

Niko Kralj is more, than a mere industrial designer. He did more, than just the well-known products. His legacy extends over the fields of theory, education and practice. When we gain access to it as a whole, it surprizes us; how much of his work we knew, but never knew, it was his. This surprise was at the core of our project. To represent Niko Kralj as a whole, it was nescessary to stray away from the usual, obvious representation of him and his work and find a different way of communicating his words and products.

In collaboration with Aljaž Vindiš.