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Kiddog, a group of Slovenian graphic designers and illustrators was founded by Matej Koren and Miha Grober in 2004. In 2002, prior to the formal establishment of their association, the pair organised together with Rudi Uran a workshop of the well-known graphic designer David Carson (USA). Later, they collaborated with the Maribor Art Gallery in staging the Designers Republic exhibition from the UK, and in 2005 presented David Foldvari at the same gallery. The Kid Dog association expanded in 2006, when Matej Koren and Miha Grobler were joined by graphic designer Gregor Žakelj.

The 'Kiddogs' are powered by test drives, bold curves into the left, into the right, dizzy heights and impossible switchback rides. They are fresh and fast enough to catch the eye's attention but they always stay out of focus. Their world is a jet plane on hyper-inflammable fuels, "Go see if it flies!" is their challenge.