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Festival Maribor Website


For the cultural event Festival Maribor we conceptualized in collaboration with Aeris3 a new user friendly website which is based on festivals new identity. Identity of the Festival Maribor reflects the essence of the festival - a different, fresh and enthusiastic approach to classical music and its implementation. The identity captures the "warm summer" spirit of the festival and helps to spread the festival's passion to the people.

We prepared a comprehensive finished solution from start to finish. This encorporated developing the Festivals visual identity and website concept with the CMC system based on Typo3 technology. The system allows website administrators easy and fast content management without additional IT experts as was the case in recent systems. The CMS interface is easy and fast to adopt for even computer and internet inexperienced users.

“The Maribor Festival is one of Europe's finest summer festivals.” Rating:****
John Allison, The Sunday Telegraph (UK)