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Who we are and what we do:

We are a design studio that specialises in identity, editorial, exhibition, packaging, signage and digital design.

Our design studio operates as an ever-growing collective of co-working freelancers specialised in different fields of the design industry. Our philosophy is to be an important platform for creation of quality design that matters and makes a difference.

Our work has been showcased in various publications and regularly awarded at different festivals.



Matej Koren, Aljaž Vesel,
Anja Delbello, Matej Grušovnik

We add value with:

1. Great ideas

2. Clear thinking

3. Crafted expression

4. Collaborative approach

Our work process:

1. Introduction

By submitting a commission, you do not commit to anything yet. If your submission is - first and only - of informative nature, so be it. We send you a set of simple questions to help clarify your situation.

 2. Research
Your introduction is used as the subject of detailed research. During the research process, we may contact you several times with additional questions. This research will serve us as the basis for the project strategy.

3. Strategy
We set the context and content of the strategy and select the appropriate tools and practices. Using feedback loops everyone involved and affected is taken into account. If specific knowledge, other than our own, is required, we recommend additional participants from our network of experts.

4. Resources
We prepare the financial plan, timeline and list the relevant material. Unless actually urgent, projects are given a realistic time plan. Each plan is broken into several stages to make the process as clear as possible and ease the financial burden by disbursing your investment into several payments. In this way our progress can be tracked and reflected upon at any point in time. The better the project preparation, the shorter the time and lower the costs required for its development.

5. Developement
We gather and process all the relevant material. With information architecture we give structure to the material and make it easily accessible by using a clear language.. Messages and processes are translated into visual language using semantics. We prepare tool drafts for proofing, including their technical documentation if needed. After proofing the drafts with you, we make the final adjustments and provide you with the archive of the project files and instructions for use of the developed tools. If finishing the project requires a third party for print, binding, programming or hosting, we will also proof the drafts with them and prepare them for their execution.
6. Release
After releasing the project to the public, we conduct a common evaluation of its behaviour - financial, social, technical or academic, depending on the project. At the end we shake hands.